Five Early Signs of Cataracts And What To Do

A woman is having her eye examined by an optometrist for early signs of cataracts.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that cataracts cause 51% of blindness in the world. If you have cataracts, it’s important that you get treatment as soon as you can. Cataracts tend to develop slowly but can cause a lot of damage if you don’t get treatment for them. It’s important to watch out for early signs […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Colored Contacts – Updated 2020

A woman holding a small blue colored contact lens.

Today there seem to be countless ways to change your look. Whether you love seeking out new fashion trends or like changing your hairstyle every month, there are many ways to express yourself. That doesn’t stop with eye color. In recent years, people have started using colored contacts to create a completely different persona. Many […]

Can You Still Wear Contact Lenses with an Astigmatism?

A woman is holding contact lenses in her eye.

When you’re not wearing your glasses or contacts, do you see blurring, shadowing, or doubling of images? If so, you have astigmatism. Rather than other vision problems, astigmatism causes blurriness, no matter how close or far away the object is. The blurriness comes from the retina’s inability to focus on light rays. If you have […]

Why You Need to Book An Eye Exam in Boise

A woman is undergoing an eye exam in Boise by an optometrist.

You can read the small print in books and on your computer screen. You have no problem seeing road signs while you drive. There’s no pain or blurry vision. Your night vision seems perfect. Why would you need to book an eye exam in Boise? Without a vision and eye health checkup, you could be […]

The 9 Common Eye Care Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Eye care chart with carrots and glasses on a wooden table.

Good eyesight is something we all take for granted. We are often so busy with our daily lives that we don’t even stop to consider our vision. But perhaps it is time to start taking better care of your “window to the world”? 20/20 vision is a wonderful gift and we sometimes don’t appreciate it enough. […]

The Best Eye Care Center In Idaho Falls

A family is posing for a picture at the best Eye Care Center in Idaho Falls while wearing glasses.

Eye care is an essential part of a healthy routine that has to be kept in check at all times to ensure proper eye health. Problems of the eye have been troubling the human race since the beginning of time, as problems of cataract and myopia have been existent since forever. However, the medical field […]

Eye Doctors Help You Maintain Your Healthy Eyes

An Eye Pros optometrist smiling and posing in an examination room.

Vision problems such as myopia and hypermetropia have been one of the worst and most widespread problems for the mankind. Corrective eyeglasses have therefore served as a blessing in disguise for the human race, as it would have been really hard for a person to continue with his daily life chores without the aid. Eye […]

Periodic Eye Examination

A female doctor is looking at a diagram of the human eye during a periodic eye exam.

The importance of eye care need not be disputed since we all understand its place in our lives. The good news for all of us is the availability of remedial treatments of most of the eye problems. Medical science has made rapid advancements in all fields in the last few decades and many diseases related […]