January 15, 2020
wearing contacts for the first time

7 Tips to Remember When Wearing Contacts for the First Time

You recently switched to wearing contact lenses – congratulations! You’ve joined the ranks. Did you know an estimated 45 million people in the US are contact lens wearers? It’s pretty clear why since contact lenses allow people to have better vision without changing their appearance. It makes everyday life tasks like exercising much easier. But being new to contact lenses […]
December 20, 2019
medical eye exam

Vision Check: What to Expect at Your Medical Eye Exam

Have you noticed that you just aren’t seeing things as well as you used to? Are you holding your phone a little further away from your face? If this sounds like you, then it’s time head to the optometrist for an eye exam. If you’ve always had perfect vision, you probably don’t know what to expect when you show up […]
December 2, 2019
eyeglass prescription

Signs It’s Time for a New Eyeglass Prescription

How long has it been since you had your eyes checked to see if your eyeglass prescription changed? The American Optometric Association recommends that adults who are asymptomatic or loss risk get their eyes examined at least every two years. For adults who are at risk, they recommend getting an eye exam every year, unless recommended otherwise by their doctor. The Center […]
October 27, 2019
can a contact get lost in your eye

Can a Contact Get Lost in Your Eye?

Whether you’re considering them, or you’re a seasoned wearer, there’s one question you likely have about contact lenses. Can a contact get lost in your eye? The short answer is no, but everyday contact lens wearers experience situations where they’re certain they’ve lost a lens and it’s floating in the recesses of their eye. We’ve put together the long answer […]