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Orem Eye Pros Optometry Services

Welcome to Eye Pros in Orem! We firmly believe that life is much more beautiful when you can see without compromise.

At Eye Pros, our primary focus is on providing the best care to our patients. We offer comprehensive eye care services, including routine eye exams, as well as specialized treatments for glaucoma and cataracts.

Equipped with advanced training, years of expertise, and state-of-the-art technology, our dedicated team works tirelessly to improve your vision and offer you the experience of a brighter world.

In Orem, Eye Pros is proud to house some of the area’s top optometrists. We pledge to provide you with personalized service and top-notch care. Trust us to be your reliable partners in preserving and enhancing your precious gift of vision.

Explore the importance of routine eye care services in maintaining healthy vision and detecting early signs of eye conditions.

Discover a range of contact lens options, fitting services, and professional guidance for a comfortable and clear vision experience.

Learn about specialized eye exams for individuals with diabetes to monitor and safeguard their ocular health.

Understand macular degeneration, its risk factors, and the advanced treatments available to preserve vision.

Gain insights into glaucoma, a serious eye condition, and the various treatment approaches offered for optimal management.

Explore cataracts, their impact on vision, and the advanced surgical techniques employed to restore clarity.

Discover the life-changing benefits of LASIK surgery, the procedure process, and its potential to correct refractive errors.

Learn about Latisse, an FDA-approved treatment to enhance eyelashes’ length and thickness for a captivating look.

About the Eye Pros Idaho Falls Clinic

Nestled along the majestic Snake River, Eye Pros in Idaho Falls offers exceptional eye care amidst a picturesque landscape, inviting you to explore the wonders of Idaho. Just like the city’s renowned River Walk, our eye care services provide a scenic pathway to clearer vision, surrounded by the beauty of our well-maintained parks.

Idaho Falls, with its warm community spirit, serves as a perfect setting to embrace the joys of Idaho living. As a pivotal regional economic hub, the city draws travelers seeking abundant recreational opportunities and family-friendly events. At Eye Pros, we take pride in being part of this vibrant community, delivering personalized service and top-quality care to residents and visitors alike.

So, come visit our Idaho Falls location, and let us be your trusted partners in preserving and enhancing your precious gift of sight. Embrace the tranquility and charm of Idaho as we strive to improve your vision, offering you a brighter and clearer outlook on life’s wonders.

Professional Vision Services by Our Optometrists in Orem, UT

A man sitting in front of an eye exam machine at Optometrist Orem.

Dr. Nathan Christensen

Dr. Nathan Christensen grew up in South Jordan, Utah. Later he attended Southern Utah University where he received his bachelors in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He then attended the Southern California College of Optometry where he received training in low vision, pediatrics, vision therapy, ocular disease and contact lenses. After his graduation in 2008 he moved back to Utah where he continues to pride himself in providing great eye health care along with clear, comfortable vision. He is a member of the Utah Optometric Association (UOA) and the American Optometric Association (AOA).

In his free time Dr Christensen loves to visit national parks with his wife and two girls. He also likes to camp, ride ATV’s, watch (and play) basketball, and do woodworking.

Our Team

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Office Manager

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Optometry Technician

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Optometry Technician

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Optometry Technician

Accepted Insurance Plans

  • Aetna
  • Advantica
  • Always Care Benefits
  • Avesis
  • BAS / Town and Country
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Davis Vision
  • EMI Health
  • EyeMed
  • Healthy U
  • IEC
  • Medicare
  • In State Medicaid
  • MES Vision
  • NVA
  • Opticare of Utah
  • Regence
  • Select Health
  • Spectera
  • Starmount
  • Superior Vision
  • TriWest
  • TriCare
  • UMR
  • United Healthcare
  • Unum Vision
  • VBA
  • Wise Networks


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