How to Choose the Best Optometrist: Your Complete Guide

Struggling with your eyesight?

Need professional help to resolve the problem?

Thankfully, you won’t have to look far.

The United States is expected to have 46,000 optometrists working around the country by next year. That’s a lot of eye doctors to choose from.

In fact, you could argue that there are too many! With so many available, how on earth do you know which one to see? Your eye health is obviously of utmost importance. But what separates the good optometrists from the bad?

We wanted to help. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to find out which eye doctor is right for you. Interested in learning more?

Keep reading to discover 8 top tips for choosing the best optometrist for your needs.

1. Know the Different Professions

It’s worth noting the different eye-disciplines.

You need to know you’re seeking the right support from the outset.

The term ‘eye doctor’ gets thrown around a lot these days. But there are two distinctive professional fields to know about: optometrists and ophthalmologist. They definitely aren’t the same!

An optometrist is an eye-professional charged with examining and testing your eyes. They’ll prescribe you with a particular set of lenses and glasses to handle problems with your eyesight.

Ophthalmologists are there to treat your eye diseases and conditions.

Make sure you know which support you need before hunting for the best service. You may find an optometrist of the highest quality, only to realize you need an ophthalmologist!

Here’s further information on the key distinctions between eye-professionals.

2. Seek Recommendations

Let’s assume you know you need to see an optometrist.

The easiest step for finding one is often to seek direct referrals.

Set about asking your friends, family members and colleagues for recommendations. Who do you know who relies upon glasses and regularly visits the eye doctor for support?

They may well be able to refer you to a specialist that’s perfect for your needs.

Keep in mind that everyone’s different, though. The ideal optometrist for your friend may not be for you. It always pays to do additional research alongside an acquaintance’s recommendation.

There may be a much better option out there that would go undiscovered.

3. Look for Reviews

Think about your process of deciding somewhere new to eat.

Finding a good restaurant can be hit and miss. That’s why sites like TripAdvisor were set up and quickly skyrocketed in popularity. They provide independent ratings and reviews by patrons that reveal a service’s quality.

It’s a straightforward way to find out something’s value without having to try it first.

Take the same approach to find an optometrist. Always seek reviews and ratings of the service. Look for both positive and negative feedback to build an accurate picture of what to expect. Google Reviews is a good place to start.

4. Check That the Price is Right

Your ideal optometrist will fall within your price range.

There’s no point going somewhere you can’t afford. Always finding out about charges prior to receiving treatment. You don’t want to have the examination, only to be surprised by a crippling invoice at the end.

Keep in mind that your eye health is crucial to overall wellbeing. There’s a definite argument for paying the premium to ensure higher quality service delivery.

As always, you get what you pay for. Going for a discount optometrist may entail low-quality treatment.

5. Ensure They Use Modern Technology

Eye doctor establishments have a come a long way.

The tools and equipment used to examine and treat eye problems have developed hugely. Top optometrists leverage the power of new technology to provide cutting-edge services.

Unfortunately, many optometrists haven’t caught on. Older models are still commonly in use around the country. Alas, their service is unlikely to match up to eye doctors with modern technological capabilities.

Technology always promoted speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. The best optometrists know that and invest in it accordingly.

6. Check Their Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications aren’t always everything.

You can have a doctor with credentials covering their walls, without an ounce of bedside manner.

That said, they inevitably provide a clue to an optometrist’s quality. A top eye specialty degree from a leading school always says something.

However, the best eye doctors combine credentials with experience. Years of experience in the field means your eyes are in good hands. Always ask and search for an optometrist’s work and education history.

7. High Level of Availability

Imagine needing immediate support for your eye health.

You know there’s a problem and you want help fast. You call up the optometrist only to find that they don’t have an appointment for another two weeks.

That’s no good for anyone. Waiting for an eye appointment is never desirable. The best optometrists know that and have the availability to suit.

There’s an argument that a busy eye doctor is a good sign. They’re in high demand, suggesting the quality of their service.

However, there should always be room to fit you in at a convenient time. If there isn’t, then we suggest looking elsewhere.

8. Look for a Welcoming and Professional Manner

A quick point to finish:

Be sure to find an optometrist’s service with a positive, welcoming atmosphere.

It always helps to find health professionals with a warm bedside manner. They should be supportive, client-centered, professional, and in tune with your needs.

This makes all the difference when getting support for your eye-related issues.

Time to Choose the Best Optometrist

There you have it: our top tips for selecting the best optometrist for your needs.

Tens of thousands of optometrists already work around the country; the number of qualified eye doctors is only expected to increase. That wide range of choice has its advantages.

However, it inevitably makes finding the right service slightly more difficult. There are just too many to choose from! Hopefully, though, this post has provided all the key considerations for finding the ideal service for you.

Want some help finding the best eye doctor for you? Contact us today and we can point you in our direction!