Why You Need to Book An Eye Exam in Boise

A woman is undergoing an eye exam in Boise by an optometrist.

You can read the small print in books and on your computer screen. You have no problem seeing road signs while you drive. There’s no pain or blurry vision. Your night vision seems perfect. Why would you need to book an eye exam in Boise?

Without a vision and eye health checkup, you could be at risk for vision loss. That’s why you must have an eye exam in Boise. Vision loss is more common than you might think. More than 27 million Americans over age 18 suffer some form of vision loss.

Minor sight loss can lead to blindness when untreated. Worldwide, 80% of blindness is avoidable. Early detection and treatment are needed, though.

Let’s review some top reasons why you need to book an eye exam in Boise.


Boise Air Pollution Can Affect Eye Health

Air pollution can irritate your eyes. A 2015 study showed that Boise had the second worst air pollution in the U.S. Industrial waste and natural events like wildfires can cause pollution. Irritation can lead to Dry Eye Syndrome. Dry Eye Syndrome can make your eyes look red and feel itchy. You may even experience blurry vision. Particles in the air due to pollution may be to blame.

Book your eye exam in Boise to check if your eye health and vision are affected by pollution.


Eye Diseases May Not Show Symptoms

Not all eye disease cause pain or vision problems early on. You may have an eye disease and not know about it. Eye diseases like glaucoma often have no symptoms. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness and has no cure. Vision lost to this disease can’t be restored. However, glaucoma is treatable with eye drops when diagnosed early. If you wear glasses or contacts, you may be comfortable with your prescription. Have you noticed any headaches or fatigue lately? You may not realize that your old glasses or contacts are to blame. It may be time to upgrade your prescription.

Schedule your eye exam in Boise to help ensure you don’t need medical treatment or a new prescription.


Eye Exams in Boise Are Worth the Cost

Many vision plans cover the cost of an annual basic eye exam. Even without insurance, an eye exam can be affordable. Ask for an estimate when you make your eye exam appointment. Give yourself time to save for your out-of-pocket cost. Early detection and treatment can save you money. Advanced issues can require more complex, expensive treatments.

Schedule your eye exam in Boise now to save money.


One Hour of Your Time Can Save Your Vision

After work, running the kids to soccer practice, and other errands, who has time for an eye exam?

You don’t need a whole day to get your exam. Comprehensive eye exams usually take about an hour. It’s also a good idea to have someone drive you to your exam. The best way to check for glaucoma is with a dilated eye exam. Dilation may cause temporary blurry vision.

Other tests you can do in just one hour include:

  • color blindness screening
  • cover test (test each eye by covering the other eye)
  • eye movement
  • depth perception

Make the time for an eye exam in Boise. Isn’t one hour out of your day, one day a year, worth saving your vision?


Uncover Early Warning Signs of Vision Loss

Often there’s a simple explanation for an eye problem. It’s easy to assign blame and hope you’ll get better. Dry, itchy eyes may be irritated from pets, pollen or other allergies. You could also be suffering from dry eye or Conjunctivitis (Pink eye).  Pink eye is contagious, and you need medication to get rid of it.

A simple headache may cause eye strain and blurry vision. Cataracts may also be the culprit, especially if you’re over age 60. Vision loss due to cataracts can be corrected with early detection.

How do you know when your symptoms point to something serious? Schedule your eye exam in Boise to find out.


Online Eye Exams Are Helpful, But Not Enough

Getting an eye exam while sitting at your home computer sure sounds convenient. No more trips to the doctor’s office! Hold on; this may not be the best idea. Online eye tests can check your vision. They may even help determine if you need a new prescription. The problem is that online tests can’t test your general eye health or detect disease. Even if you have perfect vision, you could still be at risk. You’re also self-administering the exam. Are you better than your eye doctor?

You need an eye exam in Boise to make sure your eyes are healthy.


Vision Loss Can Happen at Any Age

The elderly are more susceptible to glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. While age can trigger these eye diseases, it’s not the only cause. Smoking, obesity, family history, and diabetes can also increase your risk of vision loss.

If you have any of these conditions, you may need to see your eye doctor more frequently. Some eye issues can surface at any age. Poor contact lens hygiene and infections can damage your eyes and vision. People over 40 may experience Presbyopia. This condition comes naturally as we age.

Presbyopia makes it harder to focus. Glasses or contact lenses can treat Presbyopia. Photophobia, or sensitivity to light, may affect your vision at any age. Common causes are eye irritation and infection. Have you experienced any changes in your vision?  Book an eye exam in Boise to find the cause of your problem and correct it.

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