7 Reasons Why People Want to Use the Best Colored Contacts

A woman is putting the best colored contacts on her eye.

While most people wear contact lenses to correct their vision, others use them for aesthetic reasons.

In fact, 11% of the contacts sold in the market are of the cosmetic type, which mainly consists of colored or tinted lenses.

If you’re thinking of buying colored contacts, you may be tempted to skip the optometrist visit and instead, purchase those $10 green cat eye lenses you saw at the Halloween store.

But that’d be completely unwise to do.

Read on to find out 7 reasons why you want to use the best colored contacts on the market.

1. They’re Technically Medical Devices

You may think of colored contact lenses as just another accessory, but according to the FDA, they’re medical devices.

They go over your eyes and some correct your vision problems, after all.

So if you think about it, you don’t really want to put any random medical device into your eyes. This is what over-the-counter colored contacts in novelty shops are—random and unregulated.

2. Your Eyes Need to Breathe

Your cornea needs regular oxygen to operate properly, just like many other parts of your body.

It doesn’t have any of its own blood vessels, so it needs to get oxygen directly from the air around you.

When you wear any type of contacts, the oxygen flow will be compromised, which is why many people suffered from dry and itchy eyes with earlier versions of contact lenses.

Today, technology’s made leaps and bounds; contacts have many features to allow better oxygen flow to your cornea. As a result, you enjoy better comfort and lower chances of health issues with your eyes.

Many of the cheap, over-the-counter contacts you find in novelty shops haven’t been designed with the best technology.

Plus, they achieve their dramatic effects through heavy paint use. Not only can the paint ingredients irritate your eyes, but they also cut off the vital oxygen they need.

3. Only Prescription Lenses Have Been Screened

In the U.S., you need a prescription to wear contact lenses, even if they’re for cosmetic use only.

This ensures your health is adequately protected, as you’ve been examined by an optometrist and are prescribed legal lenses on the market.

When you purchase any contact lenses without a prescription, you’re most likely buying lenses that haven’t been through rigorous screening. Either the vendor or the manufacturer (or both) are selling these contacts illegally, which can’t bode well for your eye health.

4. You Can Get Threatening Eye Diseases With Cheap Lenses

Many over-the-counter colored contacts don’t come with proper cleaning or storage instructions.

Without proper care of your contacts, you may get more than just dry and itchy eyes. Microorganisms may flourish on your lenses and cause serious health problems, such as viral keratitis.

Some of these diseases can be so severe that you may lose your eyesight. Changing your eye color temporarily with cheap lenses definitely isn’t worth risking your eyesight for.

5. Everyone’s Eyes Are Unique

All of our eyes are shaped differently, which means they need to be thoroughly examined and fitted with the right contact lenses.

Clothes aren’t one-size-fits-all, and neither are contacts.

You’ll most likely get an ill fit with novelty store colored contacts. Not only will they feel uncomfortable, but you’ll also risk scratching your cornea and getting an infection.

When you go for high-quality colored contacts, an optometrist will take their time to talk with you to figure out what’s best for your lifestyle. Then, they’ll order you some lenses to try, and adjust the prescription accordingly after a fitting or two.

6. You Want to See Clearly

Most colored contacts you find in novelty stores come without prescriptions.

If you don’t have bad eyesight or don’t need vision correct at all, these may work in a pinch. That is, if you want to risk your eye health.

For people with more significant vision problems, they’re excluded from this market, which is a good thing—you won’t be tempted to go with cheaply made and unregulated lenses. While previously, you couldn’t get colored contacts for heavy prescriptions, this is now feasible.

The contact lens industry saw a growing demand for colored contacts in various prescriptions, even those past -5.00. So if you have a heavy prescription and felt left out before, you’ll be pleased to know you can now get various tints for your prescription contacts.

They even make prescription colored contact lenses for astigmatism! Practically everyone can transform their eye color nowadays!

7. They’ll Last Longer

While over-the-counter contacts may be initially cheaper, you might find yourself going through a ton of them when they keep ripping or tearing. Or the paint might keep flaking off, forcing you to open another pair.

Prescription colored contacts are thoroughly researched, developed, and manufactured to be durable.

Whether you buy daily, weekly, or monthly lenses, you can count on them to last as long as they claim to.

By investing a little more money into the best colored contacts, you’ll actually be saving yourself some cash. Not only will they last longer, but you’ll also decrease your chances of costly medical problems.

Get the Best Colored Contacts for Better Eye Health

Your eyes are responsible for so much in your daily life. Small health problems may be annoying, but losing your eyesight can be devastating.

Take the time to not only pick the best colored contacts, but also get them properly fitted. You’ll get hours of comfort, plus peace of mind that your eyes will be safe and healthy.

Always remember to follow manufacturer recommendations and optometrist instructions to get the most out of your colored contacts.

If you’d like to get fitted for colored contact lenses or want to order some refills, please get in touch with us now.